Renewable Energy Services

Renewable Energy

AEL has expertise in a wide variety of energy fields. We ride on the back of our technical partners who have experience in hydroelectricity, heat recovery, hydraulic energy recovery, bio-energy, district energy, and solar energy. Our team as well as our technical partners are well-experienced experts in strategies that improve energy efficiency and use alternative and renewable energy technologies, such as hydraulic energy recovery. Complex projects such as the production and use of biogas, biosolids, waste-energy, and green fuels in the agricultural and water resource recovery fields are some of the projects our capabilities fit in. Whatever the energy challenge is our team collaborates with our clients to understand these challenges and develop sustainable solutions while putting into consideration the perspective of the environmental, social, and economic impact of the project. AEL provides services to improve the overall building and community energy systems that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions

Solar Energy

AEL provides power and electricity solutions to homes and industries. We have reputable partners across the globe who have completed numerous projects for public and private sector clients. Our team offers a broad range of expertise including outdoor and indoor lighting systems, airfield light and control systems and power supply. Our team brings specialist capabilities in procurement, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems, such as hydro, solar and wind.

  • AEL works with national and international agencies, institutions, community relations, and Corporate Social responsibility units of organizations to bring affordable energy to homes. Our approach is to work with reputable OEMs to develop sustainable solutions for the community, considering environmental, social, and economic considerations. Renewable energy options we consider include solar energy, hydroelectricity, hydraulic energy recovery, biofuels, cogeneration, and heat recovery. Our experts are well grounded with the right competencies to assist you with energy efficiency studies and building energy use assessments to reduce and optimize energy consumption.

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