Oil And Gas Piping System Design And Pipe Stress Analysis Training In Port Harcourt


This intensive foundation/intermediate level course is dedicated to the design of Piping Systems for Oil and Gas facilities, incorporating an introductory session on oil and gas operations. The focus spans crucial areas, including:

Codes and Standards: Delving into industry standards such as ANSI/ASME, API, and ISO.

Pipe Materials and Specification: A detailed exploration of materials and specifications integral to piping systems.

Piping Components: Comprehensive coverage of various components crucial to effective piping.

Piping Layout and Design: A thorough examination of layout strategies and design principles.

Additional areas of concentration encompass:

  • Pipe Sizing Calculations: Techniques and methodologies for accurate pipe sizing.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis: In-depth analysis of stress factors in piping systems.

  • Hydraulic Design of Piping Systems: Understanding and optimizing hydraulic aspects.

  • Design Calculations of Piping Sizing: Calculations essential for effective piping design.

The course places a significant emphasis on the meticulous selection and specification of materials for piping systems, ensuring adherence to established codes and standards. It extends its purview to reviewing key areas associated with the design of piping systems for both onshore and offshore Oil and Gas facilities.


The course employs a comprehensive approach, integrating various teaching strategies, facilitated discussions, and hands-on exercises. Real-world project examples related to facilities design are incorporated into exercises, providing participants with practical insights. These activities aim to offer each participant a visual application, solidifying their understanding of the discussed principles and practices.


This course is tailored for:

  • Engineers: Those actively involved in the design of in-plant piping systems for oil and gas facilities.

  • Experienced Mechanical, Facilities, Plant, or Pipeline Engineers: Professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in piping system design.

  • Piping System Designers: Individuals dedicated to designing effective piping systems.

Moreover, it is designed to benefit B.Tech/B.Eng Fresh graduates with backgrounds in Mechanical, Production, Metallurgical, Civil, Petroleum, and Chemical engineering.

Notably, training is limited to 10 participants, ensuring a focused and interactive learning environment.


At the end of the training, participants would have developed the following skills:

  • Preparation of Mechanical and piping Datasheet inline with instrument and process input
  • Ability to interpret and convert P&IDs to Mechanical and Piping drawings
  • Design of Mechanical Installations and Piping systems for offshore and onshore facilities
  • Pipe Stress analysis of Piping systems using Caesar II
  • Design of pipe support systems
  • Development of specification for line pipe
  • Wall thickness Calculation
  • Preparation of Site Visit checklist for offshore and onshore projects
  • Development of Site sketches, preparation of site visit report
  • Development of on-site sketches to As-built Drawings
  • Generation of Demolition piping general Arrangement drawings
  • Development of modification piping general arrangement drawings
  • Generation of Isometric drawings
  • Development of Pipe support location and Pipe support detailed drawings
  • Preparation of Valve Data sheet and Specialty item Data sheet
  • Preparation of Piping Material Take-Off
  • Preparation of line pipe specification
  • Preparation of Valve Specification
  • Preparation of Mechanical system installation and Piping system Construction work scope
  • Development of MTO
  • Valve Type Selection for piping systems
  • Preparation of construction scope of work
  • Preparation of isometric drawings for construction
  • Conversant with International Codes and Standards such as ISO 9001, API, DNV, BS, ASME, ASTM, AWS, MSS, NFPA and ISO alongside Company specifications for MOBIL (MPN Specs) and SPDC Nigeria.


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