Environmental/Waste Management Consultancy Services

Integrated Waste Management

AEL offers industry leading consultancy for integrated waste management and equipment through our global partner partnerships

Waste to Energy

Author Energy provides in collaboration with its global partner state of the art standard and BIO waste composters and related equipment for efficient management of municipal and industrial waste. Our top-notched composers are designed with a special HDPE polymeric drum which provides excellent heat insulation and corrosion resistance. We supply and install Bio composter which uses a composting drum that speeds up the aerobic fermentation process significantly. It does so by creating the ideal environment for the aerobic bacteria to populate and mineralize the organic compound. All we do is help the naturally-existing/indigenous bacteria do their work. We also offer self-propelled Windrow turners for stockpile handling.

Waste Collection Consulting

AEL offers a full range of consultancy services for all types of waste collection and collection equipment. Our team will work with the client’s project team to first understand what your challenges are, and then offer innovative solutions putting into consideration local uniqueness, and cultural perspectives to solve them. A typical consultancy agreement would involve site visits and requirements/information gathering. We then undertake feasibility analysis, process, and equipment specifications and provide a full breakdown of costs. We integrate the collection process with digital innovation for accountability and efficiency. We don’t stop there but proceed to work with you with our extensive network of industry-leading partners to deliver world-class waste collection solutions.

Top-Notched Waste Technology & Equipment Solution

In carrying out our procurement services we ride on the back of our OEMs who are globally recognized as best-in class in offering sustainable solution to waste management Our equipment partners include reputable global players in the waste management industry. All are selected for their Innovative technology as well as their approach to sustainability. AEL can bring its partners together and combine them with our unique expertise to offer best-in-class integrated waste management solutions for you

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