Environmental/Meteorological Monitoring

The generation of data and information on weather, climate, water, and air quality, according to internationally agreed standards, has been the backbone of the aviation, agriculture, urban and regional planning, and their related services. The need for this data has continued to grow, especially in a developing country like Nigeria that’s still marred with a paucity of data. It is reported that Nigeria requires a minimum of 9000 weather stations to meet the required guidelines for weather collection but has only 54 stations, while the water and air quality stations are even farther in between. This creates a large market for the provision and supply of weather, water, and air quality gathering instruments, with its market potential running into millions of dollars. We collaborate with different world-renowned weather, water, and air quality instrument manufacturers in providing the best service to our clients. We also provide custom-made instruments for specialized services where necessary. Our product offering a range from fully automated and remote-controlled weather, water and air quality stations that measure and log a wide variety of environmental variables to micro and highly specialized data loggers for measuring different environmental variables and logging their data under special conditions. We also provide consultancy and training services on all matters relating to weather, water, and air quality regulations, installations, monitoring and all other related services.


Due to our access to the best instrument manufacturers in the world, we help procure instruments for all kinds of weather, water and air quality measurements. We do not just procure instruments but offer more by understanding our client’s needs and ensuring that the right and cost-effective instruments are procured. We also provide custom-made instruments where the instruments available in the market will not provide the best service required. Our products are from world renown manufacturers such as Vaisala, Pulsonic, OTT HydroMet, Campbell, Pacific data systems, MicroStep-MIS etc. We offer not just the instruments, but their accompanying software that maximises the use of such instruments. We also offer standalone software that helps in data integration for organizations that wish to have seamless use of the data they generate outside the traditional platform that comes with such instruments or wish to combine instruments from different platforms. Our product offerings include, but are not limited to: Automatic weather stations – with options as wireless, wired, onsite stored, etc. Comes with standard sensors (this depends on the product) and additional sensors which can be requested for a more robust system. Agro - Automatic Weather Stations - Station designed for agrometeorological purposes provide reliable monitoring of weather. Together with software performing data processing, archiving, presentation and notification serves as a decision support system for improving management of agrotechnical actions.

Research and Development

AEL scientists and engineers leverage their applied research knowledge, skills, and practical experience to develop innovative solutions to infrastructure and natural resources projects. We have a pool of resource persons, who are experts with multi-disciplinary competence in ecological and engineering subject matters. We also bring extensive experience in research and development for government agencies/institutions, NGOs seeking to improve systems and address issues that have applications beyond a single project. Our research and development key focus areas include the following: ∙ Bench and pilot-scale process research in, waste, water, and wastewater ∙ Soil, bioremediation, and groundwater remediation field trials ∙ Experimental design, including statistical design ∙ Computer simulation to test alternatives ∙ Research and development funding applications

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